Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PowerPoint Quiz- Art History.

I had fun creating this PowerPoint and learning how to add the buttons. It’s an easy process and I believe one which could be effectively utilised by students.
I developed an Art History Quiz based on the art of Michelangelo and added buttons and answers to the questions.

Talking to my Year 11 History class, I found that they are not only very familiar with PowerPoint and using it for their own presentations, they are beginning to become quite bored with it and regard it as passe´. Students continue to use it as a mode of presentation because it’s easier than exploring new and perhaps better, options.

Although PowerPoint has been around for awhile, I still feel that with the addition of the buttons and if constructed imaginatively it has sound learning capabilities. Students are able to receive instant feedback on their answers which helps to consolidate the learning material and keep them engaged in the activity.

Here is the link to the Art History Quiz:




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