Saturday, August 15, 2009

Media Fire - One Line File Storage

Well, this one was certainly easy to use and I can see its versatility in storing files and images on the web. Unlimited storage space and accessible from anywhere in the world. It’s also very user friendly, a very simple upload process and free to use.
It’s very attractive to me as a location for storing documents which I wouldn’t want to lose eg. School work, as a back up to my laptop as well as to keep my laptop from ‘clagging up’ and running slowly from the huge volume of files. It means I wouldn’t always need to carry the computer to school; they could be accessed in the classroom, even by students when required, and I would always have access to them providing I have internet access.

In the classroom, students could use on line file storage to access resources placed there for them by teachers, for various projects. It also means that valuable and productive resources are available to all students. Groups of students could work together on a project and add resources to a folder within the file storage as they came across them in their research.

The greatest advantage for teachers is the flexibility of having the documents at your fingertips. You don’t need to panic if something is left at home as you have easy access to it in the classroom.

Online file storage helps to “tackle barriers of time, place, and money in school” ( Dimeropoulos 2003). Teachers can’t always get together as often as they would like for discussions on tasks, and having documents or lesson plans stored on the web, enables teachers to collaborate effectively.

As always though, students have varying levels of access to the internet and indeed computers, and this needs to be kept in mind when creating learning materials and using file storage programs.

Here are the links to files I have uploaded: 022.JPG




Dimeropoulos, K (2003) Online File Storage for Teachers Viewed August 14, 2009

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